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Gate Products

Gate Operators

Doorking manufactures and distributes a variety of access control products. These products include telephone entry systems, telephone intercom systems, card access systems, digital access systems, electromagnetic locks, high security RF access controls, automatic vehicle ID systems, vehicular gate operators, parking control products, and a variety of accessories to complete your access control requirements. The company has continued its growth by offering our customers state of the art quality products that are backed up with outstanding warranty polices and customer service programs. Doorking distributors and dealers have access to a team of technicians and engineers who can assist them with specification and design of access control systems, and field trouble shooting when necessary.

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Chamberlain Professional Products: Chamberlain offers three different styles of gate operators: slide, swing, and barrier. All three styles keep the vehicle outside the facility until the telephone entry system, access control system, or guard permits entrance. Their residential gate access systems are designed for single-family homes and normal traffic applications. These slide and swing gate operators offer the choice of AC or DC powered models with battery run and solar panel options.

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FAAC USA: FAAC offers a wide array of gate operators, including in-ground operators for a more aesthetically appealing experience.

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Telephone Entry Systems

Doorking provides a full range of telephone entry systems and accessories to meet your specific application requirements. The 1830 series (1833, 1834, 1835, 1837) are PC programmable systems and include the DoorKing Remote Account Manager and Transaction Analysis software. The 1802, 1803, 1808 and 1810 systems are ideal for basic stand-alone telephone entry control. The 1812, 1816 and 1820 Telephone Intercom Systems provide two-way communication and control of a door or gate through a residents telephones without the need of Central Office phone service.

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Chamberlain Professional Products: Telephone entry systems help manage the flow of traffic in, around, and through the premises of a specific location. Chamberlain systems are ideal for controlling access to gated communities, commercial buildings, manufacturing plants, high-end residential homes, and apartment and condominium buildings.experience.

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Access Control Systems

DoorKing: Whether you need a complex access control system, or a simple stand-alone device, DoorKing have all the products to meet your needs.

DoorKing provides a complete line of access devices including RF controls, card readers, keypads, electric and magnetic locks and a full line of complimentary products to meet your specific requirements

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Chamberlain Professional Products: Access controls manage who can go where and when in gated communities, commercial buildings, and other similar settings. Chamberlain systems provide you with options to help conveniently manage every access point on your property.

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